Visualizing large biological sets with rainbow boxes -- an alternative to Venn diagrams!
The web version of RainBio supports up to 15 sets with 40,000 elements (e.g. 15 samples with 40,000 genes).
If you use RainBio in an academic context, please cite the following paper: Lamy JB, Tsopra R. RainBio: Proportional visualization of large sets in biology. IEEE Transactions on Visualisation and Computer Graphics 2020;26(11):3285-3298.
In case of troubles, please contact Jean-Baptiste Lamy: .

You can upload a file in the InteractiVenn format:

You can test the following demo dataset:

prostate_5.ivenn from InteractiVenn (download)
banana_6.ivenn from InteractiVenn (download)
algae_6.ivenn from Nelson DR et al. (download)
deg_6.ivenn from Gonzalo HV et al. (download)
mammary_12.ivenn from Lim E et al. (download)
random_15.ivenn (download)

You can create your own dataset :
Please put one element per line, and let empty unsed sets.
Then, you can save your dataset, and upload it (on the left panel).