EditObj is an automatic dialog box generator for Python objects; it supports multiple GUI backends. EditObj was initially inspired by Java Bean editors, but ported to Python and expanded further with many improvements, including the edition of tree structures or the use icons for identifying objects.

Currently, two versions of EditObj exists:

  • EditObj 2, for Python 2, with Gtk (version 2), Tk, Qt and Qtopia backends.

  • EditObj 3, for Python 3, with Qt (version 5), and HTML (based on w2ui) backends.

EditObj also includes an observation framework and a mutiple undo/redo framework. EditObj 2 includes a tree widget for Tkinter, and EditObj 3 an HTTP and WebSocket server, using asyncio and aiohttp but with an interface similar to The Python builtin module http.server.

The HTML backends of EditObj3 can either be used for single-user local applications, or for multiple-user distributed applications.

EditObj 2 and 3 are written in Python. Both are Free Software, under the GNU GPL.

EditObj 3 0.1 is out !

This is the first stable release of EditObj 3.

It is a full rewrite of EditObj 2, and it now supports Qt and HTML.

It is available on PyPI (Python Package Index).

EditObj 2 0.1rc1 is out !

This is the very first release of EditObj 2.

It is a full rewrite of EditObj 1, and it now supports both Tk and Gtk 2.