Using Webex on ArchLinux

Webex is a videoconference system from Cisco. It works under Linux but it is only available in 32 bits... This tuto explains how to use it under ArchLinux 64 bits.

1- Install Firefox (32 bits), Java (32 bits) and Webex 32 bits dependencies

Install the 32 bits version of Firefox, Java, and the 32 bits libraries needed by Webex. For ArchLinux, you need to install AUR package bin32-firefox, bin32-jre, webex-meta.

2- Test Java in Firefox

Launch Firefox 32 bits and test the java installation from this page:

If the Java plugin is not found by Firefox, verify the plugin presence (file /usr/lib32/mozilla/plugins/ and start Firefox after specifying the plugin directory, as following :

MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/lib32/mozilla/plugins/ /usr/lib32/bin32-firefox/firefox32

3- Test Webex

Test Webex from this page :

Attention, seeing the interface is not enough to garantee that everything is OK. You need to wait until you see the following screen :

Comment by steadfasterX (Wed 30 Nov 2016 09:57:58 AM)

This is so damn great! Works like a charm :)

Many thanks for sharing!

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