Example site

This is an example of site with éClaircie.

éClaircie supports the following types of documents:

static page Restructured Text file (*.rst)
category subdirectory with a Restructured Text file (*/index.rst)
blog post Restructured Text file whose name starts with the date (ex 2014_05_30_titre.rst)
include Restructured Text file (*.inc), non-showed by default but you can include them manually with the .. include:: ReST directive
Python script Python scripts (*.py) are executed and can generated content

To start a new site with éClaircie, simply copy this example site, and customize it. Edit the conf.py file for this. Then, to generate the site, use the following command:

eclaircie /path/to/your/conf.py

The “–force” option allows to force the rebuiling of the whole site.


biblingual post

This is an example of bilingual post (French and English). Use the small flag at the top-left corner of the page for selecting another langage.

The second part of the post include the source code.

Post in english

This post is only available in english. It will appear unstranslated in the french site.

Post in the category

An example of post in a category.

Note that a post can be associated with more than one category, by using symlink.

Example post

Example of post for theme Green roses.

Example post

Example of post for theme Champi.