Owlready2 0.25 has been released!

Owlready is a Python module for ontology-oriented programming. It can load OWL 2.0 ontologies and manipulate them transparently in Python.

This new release includes a few new features, and bugfixes.

Here are the changes:

  • Allow the declaration of custom datatypes with declare_datatype()

  • Support the annotation of annotations (e.g. a comment on a comment)

  • search() now support the "subproperty_of" argument

  • search() now support the "bm25" argument (for full-text searches)

  • Bugfixes: - Fix Concept.descendant_concepts() in PymedTermino2 - Update already loaded properties when new ontologies are loaded - Now accept %xx quoted characters in file:// URL - Improve error message on punned entities - Property.get_relations() now considers inverse properties - Fix "AttributeError: 'mappingproxy' object has no attribute 'pop'" error - Fix Thing.instances()

The new version be downloaded from PyPI (Python Package Index): https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Owlready2