Owlready2 0.44 has been released!

Owlready is a Python module for ontology-oriented programming. It can load OWL 2.0 ontologies and manipulate them transparently in Python.

This version includes an observation framework allowing to register a listener to any entity, in order to be notified when the entity relations are modified.

It also introduces a new syntax for annotating relations: AnnotatedRelation(s,p,o).comment = ["abc"] (NB the old syntax remains supported).

Here are the changes:

  • New syntax for annotations on relation, e.g. AnnotatedRelation(s,p,o).comment = "abc" (the old syntax remains supported)

  • Optimize annotations on relations

  • Support GRAPH clauses in SPARQL INSERT queries

  • Observation framework (see owlready2.observe and doc on the observation framework)

  • Bugfixes: - Fix the update of equivalent_to after destroying a class - Fix the update of annotations on class when modified with SPARQL queries - Fix SPARQL GRAPH clause in SELECT queries when querying the graph as a variable and all triples are not inside the GRAPH clause - Fix LANGMATCHES SPARQL function - Prevent multiprocessing loading of large ontologies when fork is not available (i.e. on Mac) - Fix subproperties parent classes when destroying a property - Fix loading of TransitiveProperty, SymmetricProperty, AsymmetricProperty, ReflexiveProperty, IrreflexiveProperty

The new version be downloaded from PyPI (Python Package Index): https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Owlready2