Songwrite 2 0.1

Here is a first stable release of Songwrite 2!

Songwrite 2 is a tablature editor for Linux, written in Python with GTK and Cairo. A tablature is a guitar partition ; Songwrite 2 supports many string instruments in addition to traditional staffs.

With Songwrite 2 you can...

  • ... edit tablatures (guitar, bass, banjo,...) and staff, and add lyrics to write your own songs !

  • ...create your own songbook

  • ... play your partitions

  • ... print your partitions and your songs

  • ...convert automatically staffs to tablatures and tablatures to staffs

  • ...export your songs into many formats (PDF, Midi, ASCII tablatures, GNU Lilypond, LaTeX, PostScript,...)

  • ... import Guitar Pro 3 / 4 file (experimental)

Songwrite 2 is a complete rewrite of Songwrite 1 with :

  • A new interface based on Gtk 2 and Cairo, with anti-aliasing

  • A new staff rendering engine, now handling tonality and alteration correctly

  • A new plugin system

  • A new documentation

  • Printing support updated for recent version of Lilypond (2.11.20 and above)