Songwrite 2 0.2.1

Songwrite 2 0.2.1 is out ! It fixes many bugs of version 0.2. It is also possible to run it on Qtopia, e.g. on a Zaurus ! This version requires EditObj 2 0.2.1.

Here is the change log :

  • Qt / Qtopia support (tested on Sharp Zaurus)

  • When selecting a note, take the current duration into account in a smarter way

  • Allow to hide the edition panel


  • Fix songref in songbook edition dialog box

  • Fix default filename when exporting

  • Fix filename filter bug in import / export

  • Fix legato in ABC importer

  • Fix dot in ABC importer

  • Fix playlist analysis in ABC importer

  • Fix partial bars in ABC importer

  • Fix hammer/pull update when the second note is modified

  • Fix zoom when editing a new song

  • Fix quarter tripplets

  • Fix Texttab importer and exporter (string tuning was messing around, thanks Adrian Quark)

  • Fix launching from source directory (thanks Slawek)