Songwrite 2 0.3

Songwrite 2 0.3 is out ! This major version proposes an improved interface, more usable on small screens, and adds many functionalities including appoggiatura, harmonics, F keys on staff, strumming direction, rests,... It also supports Koyabu board, ukulele, and lyre tablatures (my new instrument, although I'll probably be the only one to use them :-)). It requires EditObj 2 0.3.

There are also many bugfixes, and the licence is now GPL v3 (instead of v2).

Here is the full change log:

  • Touchscreen support

  • Lyre, Koyabu board and Ukulele support

  • Support for F key, appoggiatura, harmonics, strumming direction and rests

  • Smarter copy-paste (autochoose between by string / by note pitch more accurately)

  • Name sharp and bemol notes adequately, depending of the tonality

  • Add a window's icon

  • Fontsize options for screen and printing

  • Interval identification: select 2 notes and Songwrite display the corresponding interval in the title bar!

  • Licence changed to GPL v3


  • Lyrics not placed at the bottom were bugged in PS/PDF export/printing

  • Printing tabs with staffs was sometime causing an infinite loop

  • Printing tabs with staffs was not showing # and b rightly on the staff

  • After playing, select the previously selected notes

  • When reducing the length of ALL bars, the newly created bars at the end now use the lew length

  • Take capo into account when playing

  • Can play hammer / pull / legato / slide with no limit of amplitude

  • Fix g8 staff

  • Fix capo