Implemented features:

  • Python-oriented 3D engine

  • Multi-plateform : Linux / Unix, MacOSX, Windows

  • Object model, including camera, light, world, volume,...

  • Vertex shader and pixel shader support

  • Cell-shading

  • Particle systems

  • Raypicking

  • Terrain rendering

  • 3D character animation (with Cal3D)

  • Can use Blender model, including animated ones

  • Event management (keyboard, mouse,...)

  • Tutorials and demos included

Soya-specific features (usually absent in most other 3D engine):

  • Soya imports Blender models automatically!

  • Soya takes care of coordinate system conversion automatically!

  • Soya automatically regulate the rendering speed for maintaining a constant framerate!

  • Soya accepts a Pythonic syntax for shaders!

  • Soya divides Vertex and Pixel shaders in 20 "mini-shaders", allowing to modify a specific part or the rendering process without bothering with the rest.