Soya 0.14 is out !

The new version of Soya, 0.14, is out. Here is the complete changelog for 0.14:

  • August 2008 : Soya3D 0.14

  • Improved the cell-shading algorithm, by anti-aliasing outlines and disabling normal lighting when cell-shading is used

  • Bugfixes:

  • When re-starting a MainLoop, define it as the current MainLoop (aka. soya.MAIN_LOOP)

Balazar III 0.1

The first version of Balazar III is out !

This version is entirely functional, but includes only a single playable character, a single monster, and not a lot of items, powers and rooms. It is still fun and you can get an idea of the game. The network mode is quite advanced; it is quite powerful and should support a high number of simultaneous players.

Cerealizer 0.7

Cerealizer 0.7 is out!

It now allows to dump() things repeatedly to a stream or file, and then load() things repeatedly out of it.

Many thanks to Peter Eckersley !

Soya 0.14rc1 is out !

A new version of Soya, 0.14rc1, is out. This release includes many bugfixes and has been updated for latest release of Pyrex. It also includes a new GUI module called soya.gui (see the gui-* tutos for demo).

Here is the complete changelog:

  • January 2008 : Soya3D 0.14rc1

  • Allow the centre of mass of a Body to be anywhere in its local coordinate system (thanks Greg Ewing)

  • Improve tutorial README (thanks Jacques Rebourcier)

  • Update for Pyrex (thanks Greg Ewing)

  • Blender => Cal3D can now run with Python 2.3 (thanks Greg Ewing)

  • New GUI module soya.gui

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fix the weird segfaulting bug in terrain (thanks Souvarine)

  • Fix GL_INVALID_ENUM crash with the OSS ATI DRI driver (thanks Zoltan Dome)

  • Fix data/worldS and data/blender in the yet-in

  • Fix tuto

  • Fog was activated by error on partial camera with no atmosphere

  • Fix descender computation in font

  • Fix ODE on terrain (tuto

New Soya's GUI preview

I'm currently working on a new widget system for Soya.

It will feature advanced widgets such as scroll panes or flying windows, as well as a nice automatic dimensioning system, even better than GTK and Tk ones !

For now, I'm focusing on the widget's logic, and not on their graphical aspect.

The final goal being to add Soya's support to EditObj 2, in order to be able to generate dialog boxes in Soya for editing various game objects. Can be usefull for game editor but also for many complex games (roleplaying games, strategy games,...). I'm precisely thinking about new game projects in that area.

Here are some screenshots using various styles :

Songwrite 2 0.1.2

Songwrite 2 0.1.2 fixes a few bugs that were remaining in 0.1 and 0.1.1, namely :

  • Guitar pro importer was missing

  • Fix copy / paste of notes with alterations on staffs

  • Fix view name translation

  • Fix "AttributeError: 'ObjectPack' object has no attribute 'song'" when selecting notes

  • Fix copy-paste between different windows

You can get it there.

Songwrite 2 0.1

Here is a first stable release of Songwrite 2!

Songwrite 2 is a tablature editor for Linux, written in Python with GTK and Cairo. A tablature is a guitar partition ; Songwrite 2 supports many string instruments in addition to traditional staffs.

With Songwrite 2 you can...

  • ... edit tablatures (guitar, bass, banjo,...) and staff, and add lyrics to write your own songs !

  • ...create your own songbook

  • ... play your partitions

  • ... print your partitions and your songs

  • ...convert automatically staffs to tablatures and tablatures to staffs

  • ...export your songs into many formats (PDF, Midi, ASCII tablatures, GNU Lilypond, LaTeX, PostScript,...)

  • ... import Guitar Pro 3 / 4 file (experimental)

Songwrite 2 is a complete rewrite of Songwrite 1 with :

  • A new interface based on Gtk 2 and Cairo, with anti-aliasing

  • A new staff rendering engine, now handling tonality and alteration correctly

  • A new plugin system

  • A new documentation

  • Printing support updated for recent version of Lilypond (2.11.20 and above)

EditObj 2 0.1rc1 is out !

This is the very first release of EditObj 2.

It is a full rewrite of EditObj 1, and it now supports both Tk and Gtk 2.

Songwrite 2 0.1rc1

This is the very first release of Songwrite 2!

It is a complete rewrite with a new interface based on Gtk 2 and Cairo. Try it immediately!

Towards Songwrite 2 !

Here is a screenshot of an in-development version of Songwrite 2. The interface is totally rewritten.

Technically speaking, it uses GTK2 and Cairo, along with EditObj 2 (an improved version of EditObj which support GTK in addition to Tk).

Graphically speaking, it features antialiased text and graphics, funny icons, and four edition modes corresponding to the four tabs at the bottom of the window : Song mode, Partition mode, Time mode, and Note mode. The notebook automatically displays the attributes of the selected object(s) (possibly several of them).

Hope to release that soon ;-)


Soya 0.13

Here is the final release of Soya 0.13 !

It is the first version that includes the works of our two Google Summer of Code student, Marmoute and Palle. I've also integrated the soya guide (the "Yet-in") in the tutorial pack (since i've changed the licence to FDL without invariant, there is no longer any problem with reguard to Debian).

Changelog :

  • New ODE integration (thanks Marmoute!)

  • New Blender -> Cal3D exporter (thanks Palle!) The new exporter is now automatically used by the auto-exporter. It REQUIRES Blender >= 2.42

  • BSP system (work in progress, thanks Souvarine!)

  • CoordSyst.solid is no longer boolean, but a 32-bit-length bitfield (thanks Souvarine!)

  • Add RaypickContext.get_item() (thanks Souvarine)

  • Better font loading under MacOS X (thanks Greg Ewing)

  • Tofu integrated

  • CoordSystSpeed added

  • CoordSystState now support automatic coordinate system conversion (when used with interpolate()), and has a convert_to() method

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixes crash on keycodes > 255, and allows Delete as well as Backspace for erasing characters, in pudding (thanks Greg Ewing)

    • Severals memory leaks have been fixed (in particular on Terrains and CoordSystStates)

    • soya.widget.default_font can now be saved as any other fonts

    • Mesh deformation were buged on cellshaded models

    • Compile with -fsigned-char because on Mac, chars are by default unsigned

    • The file caching neighbors was not cleaned when animated models were modifed

Balazar Brothers 0.3.1 is out!

This release adds:

  • a new world, the Pompon forest, with a new music and 9 funny levels :-)

  • different animations for each of the two Balazar brothers, and a special animation for the brother surf

  • an improved cellshading rendering

  • the new Cerealizer file format

Saved games from the previous releases of Balazar Brothers no longer work with the new release. If you want to start the game in the new world, there is a cheat (you won't use it, of course!):

balazar_brothers --start-level pompon_forest

and then start a new game (using a new player name).

The 0.3.1 version fixes an installation bug in 0.3.

Balazar Brothers 0.2 is out!

This new version adds:

  • a tutorial at the beginning of the game, in a new "mushroom" ambiance

  • smoother graphics

  • joystick support

  • camera control

Balazar Brothers 0.1 is out!

The new Jiba's game is waiting for you with great impatience!

It contains one playable world, with 7 keys, a door and lots of treasure.