Balazar Brother is an amazing libre (GPL'ed) 3D puzzle game, realized by Jiba and Nekeme Prod.

A 3D platform universe, two characters and two keys, one for each character, and at the end of the road two princesses to free. Just press a key and the corresponding character will jump on the next platform in front of him.

Simple? Yes! Easy? Not sure! Because nothing will be spared to you : moving platforms, dangerous monsters, vicious traps... will you manage to find your way trough mad levels and free the princesses? You can count only on your agility, your guile... and the unforgettable acrobatics of the Balazar Brothers!

Aspirin is not included! (another game coded by pharmacists to sell their medicine, would say the bad tongues... :-) )


Balazar Brothers is programmed in the Python language with the Soya 3D engine and the other OOmadness tools.

For now, the game has been tested only under Linux, but it should run on any major platform.

To install the game, follow these instructions.

Balazar Brothers is back!

Balazar Brothers is a fun 3D puzzle game, for Linux.

The game was designed 12 years ago, and was no longer available... until today! After Slune, now Balazar Brothers is updated for recent computers and systems.

Follow the install instructions and enjoy!

Balazar Brothers 0.3.1 is out!

This release adds:

  • a new world, the Pompon forest, with a new music and 9 funny levels :-)

  • different animations for each of the two Balazar brothers, and a special animation for the brother surf

  • an improved cellshading rendering

  • the new Cerealizer file format

Saved games from the previous releases of Balazar Brothers no longer work with the new release. If you want to start the game in the new world, there is a cheat (you won't use it, of course!):

balazar_brothers --start-level pompon_forest

and then start a new game (using a new player name).

The 0.3.1 version fixes an installation bug in 0.3.

Balazar Brothers 0.2 is out!

This new version adds:

  • a tutorial at the beginning of the game, in a new "mushroom" ambiance

  • smoother graphics

  • joystick support

  • camera control

Balazar Brothers 0.1 is out!

The new Jiba's game is waiting for you with great impatience!

It contains one playable world, with 7 keys, a door and lots of treasure.