Arkanae III, the game

Arkanae III is a 3D role-playing game, with a mysterious storyline, a big world to explore, and many paths and ends. Currently, the game is available only in French.

The game comes in two versions (which are network-compatible):

  • 3D version (with OpenGL + Soya), destined to computer gamers. The 3D version is graphically more beautiful, as it takes avantages of the nice cellshading algorithms of the Soya 3D engine. However, it is more difficult to install due to the high number of dependencies, and it requires a 3D accelerators with the corresponding drivers (possibly proprietary ones).

  • 2D version (with SDL + Pygame), currently supporting 640x480 and 800x480 resolutions. It has been designed mainly for hand-held devices (Sharp Zaurus, Nokia N810, Openmoko Freerunner, Asus EEE PC, and the like), although it can be used on other computers too. This version has been highly optimized so as it can be run in 640x480 on a Zaurus C1000 (416 MHz ARM processor without graphics accelerators).

Arkanae III is a free software written in Python and available under the GPL v3 licence

Graphics have been designed using free softwares (Blender and Gimp). Arkanae II is realized by Jiba from the Nekeme Prod. French association. Help is welcome, in particular for porting and packaging the game on various platforms (I don't have all the devices listed above !), for translating the game, for testing the game (especially the network mode), for informing about the game, or for improving the website and developing the game.

The network mode is technically working but may cause trouble with the storyline. The network engine is quite powerful and has a low requirement ; the amount of data exchanged is about 300 bytes per second in average.

Arkanae III 0.1

The first stable release of Arkanae III (0.1) is available! This release includes the two first chapters of the game, which represent about 20% of the game. However, the bad news for you, English reader, is that it is currently available only in French.