- AIDS is over… long live to hypertension and diabetis!

- There’s more than 30% AIDS victims in some African countries…

- Our laboratory is focusing on Europe and USA, mister Gnu. It’s a good strategy, isn’t it?

- I don’t subscribe to the fan club.

AIDS drugs are not available in Africa. It’s here they would be the most usefull, tough pharmaceutical industries and USA has decided differently… So when a Gnu and a Penguin named Tux decide to take care of that, it will shake!

Medicine for Africa!, This is Slune’s leitmotiv, a fun action game where races, pursuits, car crashing, and corrosive humour are all waiting for you! Slune is Free Software, under the GNU GPL license, and is a Nekeme Prod. game.

It requires :

Other dependancies (The 3D engine Soya 3D, the network engine Py2Play and the user interface generation module EditObj) are included in the sources. In addition, a 3D card is heavily advised.