Soya 3D version 3 on Bitbucket!

Soya is a 3D engine for Python. The first version of Soya was used in several games including Slune, Balazar and Balazar Brother. Several attempts for writing a second version failed, mainly due to lack of time. Today, the new upcoming version 3 is now available on Bitbucket!

The most strinking new features are:

  • Support for the latest Python 3.4 and Blender 2.70

  • Vertex shaders and pixel shaders : Soya divides shaders in no less than 20 mini-shaders, allowing to modify a specific part of the rendering without bothering with the rest; additionaly a Pythonic syntax can be used for writing shaders!

  • Improved performance: the rendering process has been entirely rewritten, using vertex buffer object (VBO)

  • Fullscreen antialiasing

  • Per-pixel lighting and cellshading

  • GPL v3 license

The development version of Soya 3 can be found on Bitbucket. This version has been tested only under Linux, but it should compile under all major platforms. First screenshots of a secret game project using Soya 3 can be seen here: Secret project.