Cerealizer is a Python module that allows to save objects in file. Its interface is similar to Pickle, however Cerealizer is safe. Morover, it is written in about 500 lines of Python code only, which reduces the risk of potential bugs or security holes.

It support basic types (int, string, unicode, tuple, list, dict, set,...), old and new-style classes (you need to register the class for security), object cycles, and it can be extended to support C-defined type.

Cerealizer is available under the Python license. It now supports both Python 2.x and Python 3.3!

Cerealizer 0.8.2

Cerealizer 0.8.2 is out!

This is a new bugfix release for pip. Get it here: https://pypi.org/project/Cerealizer/

Cerealizer 0.8.1

Cerealizer 0.8.1 is out!

This is a new bugfix release. Get it here: http://download.gna.org/soya/Cerealizer-0.8.1.tar.bz2

Cerealizer 0.8

Cerealizer 0.8 is out!

This new version supports both Python 2.x and Python 3.x! Get it here: http://download.gna.org/soya/Cerealizer-0.8.tar.bz2

Cerealizer 0.7

Cerealizer 0.7 is out!

It now allows to dump() things repeatedly to a stream or file, and then load() things repeatedly out of it.

Many thanks to Peter Eckersley !