Soya 0.13

Here is the final release of Soya 0.13 !

It is the first version that includes the works of our two Google Summer of Code student, Marmoute and Palle. I've also integrated the soya guide (the "Yet-in") in the tutorial pack (since i've changed the licence to FDL without invariant, there is no longer any problem with reguard to Debian).

Changelog :

  • New ODE integration (thanks Marmoute!)

  • New Blender -> Cal3D exporter (thanks Palle!) The new exporter is now automatically used by the auto-exporter. It REQUIRES Blender >= 2.42

  • BSP system (work in progress, thanks Souvarine!)

  • CoordSyst.solid is no longer boolean, but a 32-bit-length bitfield (thanks Souvarine!)

  • Add RaypickContext.get_item() (thanks Souvarine)

  • Better font loading under MacOS X (thanks Greg Ewing)

  • Tofu integrated

  • CoordSystSpeed added

  • CoordSystState now support automatic coordinate system conversion (when used with interpolate()), and has a convert_to() method

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixes crash on keycodes > 255, and allows Delete as well as Backspace for erasing characters, in pudding (thanks Greg Ewing)

    • Severals memory leaks have been fixed (in particular on Terrains and CoordSystStates)

    • soya.widget.default_font can now be saved as any other fonts

    • Mesh deformation were buged on cellshaded models

    • Compile with -fsigned-char because on Mac, chars are by default unsigned

    • The file caching neighbors was not cleaned when animated models were modifed