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Balazar III, a multiplayer dungeon game by Jiba


Balazar Brothers, an action-puzzle game by Jiba


Balazar, a role playing game by Jiba


Slune, a racing game about AIDS drugs in Africa by Jiba and Blam


José 3D, a game for the campaign of José Bové (altermondialist) in the French 2007 election by Jiba


Save the Sky!, a short platform game by Colin Hahn


TnT, a 2D on a 3D Rail platform game by Cedric Brun


3D visualization of artificial intelligence algorithm, by Pierre-Yves David and Paul Morelle


Kill the pretty flowers, a game/simulation of plant infection by Michael Edwards


Packet Garden grows a world from network traffic, by delire


Collège 3D a school in 3D, by Pascal Peter and the pupils of the Léo Drouyn French collège


Insane an IRC client in Soya, by Jonathan Bisson.


OpenLander is a Free "Lunar Lander" style game, by Mark Williamson.