Soya 0.14rc1 is out !

A new version of Soya, 0.14rc1, is out. This release includes many bugfixes and has been updated for latest release of Pyrex. It also includes a new GUI module called soya.gui (see the gui-* tutos for demo).

Here is the complete changelog:

  • January 2008 : Soya3D 0.14rc1

  • Allow the centre of mass of a Body to be anywhere in its local coordinate system (thanks Greg Ewing)

  • Improve tutorial README (thanks Jacques Rebourcier)

  • Update for Pyrex (thanks Greg Ewing)

  • Blender => Cal3D can now run with Python 2.3 (thanks Greg Ewing)

  • New GUI module soya.gui

  • Bugfixes:

  • Fix the weird segfaulting bug in terrain (thanks Souvarine)

  • Fix GL_INVALID_ENUM crash with the OSS ATI DRI driver (thanks Zoltan Dome)

  • Fix data/worldS and data/blender in the yet-in

  • Fix tuto

  • Fog was activated by error on partial camera with no atmosphere

  • Fix descender computation in font

  • Fix ODE on terrain (tuto